CYBRARIAN® Public Computer Automation

What's New ?

New Features

  • New Library Card Renewals
  • New Patron Engagement Tools
  • New Scan Government IDs
  • New Wi-Fi Print Enhancements

Patron Library Card Renewal Reminders

  • Display an on screen patron reminder to renew their library card registration.
  • Reminders can be scheduled to appear on screen before card expiration based on your preferences for dates and frequency.
  • Display an on screen form enabling patrons to renew their registration.
  • Completed registrations are saved in a data file and can also be automatically emailed to designated staff.

TIP Increase Patron Engagement with event and program announcements so your patrons can opt-in to receive email notifications.

Sample Patron Renewal Screen with Engagement Notifications

online patron library card renewal

Scan Driver Licenses and Government IDs

TIP On the Guest Passes menu, set Require Scan ID.

Now when you click the Guest button on the toolbar, the Scan ID dialog will appear:

Scan ID

  1. Scan a driver's license or government issued ID into the text box,
  2. Click Create Guest Pass,
  3. A new Single-Use Guest Pass is automatically printed.

Wi-Fi Print Enhancements

  • Multiple Documents: Print multiple documents with a single click,
  • Cloud: Large files now print quickly,
  • IIS Computer: A dedicated IIS computer is no longer required,
  • Wi-Fi Network: A connection to local network is no longer required.

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