CYBRARIAN® Public Computer Automation

Patron Computer Session Time

Patron session time limits

Session Time Limits

Set session limits for each patron logged on to your public computer workstations.

One of the most valuable features of our product is the ability to effectively administer time control on your public computers. Listed below are some of the time control features offered:

Patron Time Limits

  • Set session time limits based on PC group, patron type, day of week, and time of day.
  • Grant additional session time when unused computers are still available.
  • Automatically shutdown, lock down, or reboot public workstations based on hours of operation.
  • Display your public computer usage policies and an acceptance form prior to each session login.
  • Auto-Snooze extends patron session time based on your settings.
  • Display a custom warning message prior to session end.
  • Close running applications after each session.

Patron Authentication

CYBRARIAN® patron authentication software works with your library automation system to validate patron use. Authenticate based on library card barcode by communicating directly with your ILS, allowing real-time authentication against your patron database. Guest pass barcodes can also be generated for logon validation.

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