CYBRARIAN® Public Computer Automation

Annual Software License

No Contracts Required

The CYBRARIAN® Annual Software License Agreement is a mandatory agreement all clients maintain each year by paying an annual license subscription fee for each software product licensed from CYBRARIAN Corporation. This includes an annual software license, all software upgrades, and help desk services for licensed software applications.

Subscription Pricing

Subscription pricing makes it easier to pay for a software license, since it's paid over a period of time.

Subscription pricing distributes our ongoing development costs across the broad base of clients using CYBRARIAN software.

Subscription software as a service delivers new innovations and updates in an ongoing manner, with continuous value for our users.

Software Upgrades

Installation, Technical Support, Feature Enhancements, Upgrades, and all software updates are provided at no additional cost. Let us help you achieve your goals for public computer automation.

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