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What's New?

CYBRARIAN® software delivers great new features that will make your public patron computers a delight to use every day. We issue a new software release every 3 months. Dive in here to see what's new in our latest software releases.

New releases, upgrades, and updates are always provided at no additional cost including installation and support. How do I get the latest version?

Patron QUEUE Wait List Reservations

Sends SMS Text message to patron when a computer is available for them.

Patron Online Meeting Room Reservations

Cloud-based room reservations allow patrons to book community meeting rooms online using any mobile device.

Set special reservation time limits for certain hours of the day

Control open/closed and holiday hours

Sends a reminder SMS Text message to patron on the day of their room reservation including time and room info.

Staff Remote Control

Showcase your computer labs with an attractive online Computer Availability Map that is updated in real time.

Director Usage Reports

Informative Patron Wi-Fi Access reports complement the existing 18 reports available in spreadsheet formats.

New Applications

New applications are FREE to all existing customers. We'll even install at no charge. Just tell us the date and time that's convenient for you.

  • One-Time Use Guest Barcodes
  • Patron Surveys
  • Program Events Calendar
  • Media Announce
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